About us

One thing all building-related projects share is that they all involve a variety of skills, typically Architects, designers, Quantity Surveyors, M&E consultants, contractors etc. Each of these specialists works in different ways but they all need to be co-ordinated to work as one team if the project is to have any chance of fulfilling the client’s expectations.

Red Project Management has the skills and experience to manage the delivery of the project in terms of time, at or below budget and at the specified quality, but most importantly in meeting the client’s business needs.


Being an art, design is difficult to measure, but its compliance with the brief has still to be controlled. If the client is to receive value for money, the cost and function of his project must be kept in balance and, since design is the major influence on both of these criteria, successful management of it is paramount.

With over 25 years experience managing design we are experienced in creating just such a balance between the importance of the Client’s company culture and brand and the programme and budget constraints.